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Commitment of tea

Ishida tea house is produced by Ishida tea & Co.,Ltd.
In 1952, Shohei Ishida, the founder that started tea trading of the Shohei Ishida shop.
Initially, we made the rounds of local Morimachi by bicycle and we’re mediating tea.
The Morimachi was famous as a specialty place of tea since then.

What we keep treating since our foundation is tea making which you can say from the bottom of our heart that it is “Delicious!” by our customers.

It seems to be everywhere but it’s nowhere.
That is a “Ishida’s tea”.

About our tea

We purchase carefully selected tea,and we’ll make delicious tea with old-fashioned commitment a method of manufacturing and our own blend technical skill.
In addition, we aim to make safe and safe tea that makes a visible producer’s face.

The aroma and taste are important points for tea.
Please try the our tea of commitment.
We hope you endoy our tea.


Morimachi in Shizuoka Prefecture, where our company is located, has been known as a tea-producing district.
Besides tea, this location has various special products such as rice, lettuce, corn, Jiro persimmon, melon, etc.
Tea is an ancient Japanese drink that brings a healthy life to you.
Please use Ishida’s tea for more relaxation times.

Introduction of our tea



    It is deep steamed tea that we deliver with the most confidence.



    It is our most popular tea.


    5g×55 bags

    It is a delicious tea bag, whether cold or hot.


    2g×10 bags

    It is tea-bags made of tea of 5 locations in Shizuoka Prefecture.Please enjoy each taste and flavor.

Main shop at Morimachi

Ishida tea & Co.,Ltd. delivers delicious and farm-fresh tea to the customers in our online.
Established in 1946, we opened a new store and factory in 1998.
We deal in delicious commitment tea and products such as tea confectioneries, teaware and specialties and you can taste any tea at the Main shop.

Also, There is a cafe. There is a Japanese style desserts of commitment, including greentea ice-cream of our original.
We look forword to your visiting us.

  • Location:1525-1 Morimatimori Shuti-gun Shizuoka 437-0215
  • Phone:0538-85-2446
  • Business hours:AM9:00 – PM5:30

Please feel free to contact us.

TEL.0538-85-2446 Business hours: AM9:00 – PM5:30



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